Solar roof

We’ve Got Solar!

We officially have solar power set up in our yard! The road to reaching our solar goals was definitely worth the effort, as we now have a source of endless free power that requires minimal maintenance! Our Solar Vision Our original solar vision was to mount panels on the roof of our storage containers...


Sustainability Boards

Generating Employee Awareness To promote awareness and transparency of environmental initiatives taking place at MapleGreen, the Sustainability Department has been developing monthly Sustainability Boards since September 2020. Shifting to Working From Home As this initiative was established during Covid-19, with most of MapleGreen’s office personnel working from home, the Sustainability Boards were made in...


The Sustainable Development Goals – MapleGreen Tree Services

What are the Sustainable Development Goals? The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are a universal blueprint designed to stimulate peace, success, and well-being for all people and the planet through achieving defined goals and targets. Building on the previous Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), the SDGs were...