MapleGreen’s Sustainability Report

What is a Sustainability Report?

A Sustainability Report is a tool to observe and publish a company’s overall sustainability performance. With this information, internal and external stakeholders are able to make observations based on the information available. MapleGreen understands the importance of protecting the environment through providing arborist services across all regions that we operate in including Toronto, the GTA, Caledon, and Brampton.

For example, as our society becomes more environmentally conscious, and corporate social responsibility is becoming a requirement of companies to integrate within their business practices, stakeholders can decide if they wish to support a company based on their environmental commitments and performance. This is more often becoming the case for potential employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders when they interact with companies; people want to align with companies that share the same values.

Using a Sustainability Report to Create Positive Change

Creating a sustainability report has many benefits, as it can:

  • Align business procedures, policies, and goals to sustainability
  • Strengthen support for sustainability company-wide
  • Increase employee awareness of and engagement in initiatives to further the company’s sustainability goals
  • Demonstrate commitments of sustainability to stakeholders
  • Set the standard for companies operating within the same industry to begin their sustainability journeys
  • Consult with stakeholders to get their opinion and work towards achieving stakeholder sustainability ideas
  • Monitor past and current performance to set future goals

Our Sustainability Report

Our 2020 Sustainability Report showcases our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) accomplishments since incorporating sustainability within our operations. We learned a lot about what the future of MapleGreen could look like throughout the process of creating this sustainability report. We realize that reaching our desired and truly sustainable state will take a lot of hard work and adjustments to our daily routines, but we are up for the challenge as sustainable solutions will benefit our company. With this outlook, we invite our stakeholders to review our 2020 Sustainability Report. A Snapshot of the report has also been created for readers wanting a brief overview of our 2020 performance, accomplishments, and blueprints for reaching a sustainable state.

MapleGreen is striving to be on the leading edge of the tree care industry by offering tree pruning, deep root fertilizing, and cabling while also developing green initiatives and sustainability reports.

Access the full 2020 Sustainability Report HERE.

Access the 2020 Sustainability Report Snapshot HERE.