What is the cost of an estimate?

Estimates are free courtesy of MapleGreen. Free on-site consultations are recommended, however an estimate may be possible with clear pictures of the work scope sent via email or text.

How much does MapleGreen charge to provide tree services?

The price of each service ranges based on the scope of work, time and equipment required. To determine the overall price, factors also considered include the size and location of trees, stumps and hedges. MapleGreen provides free on-site or picture based estimates to determine price of services.

Is the site cleaned and debris removed post tree removal and trimming?

MapleGreen will provide full wood and brush disposal, inclusive of services provided unless otherwise specified by clients.

Does MapleGreen obtain permits for tree removals when permitted?

MapleGreen will obtain the needed permits and produce arborist reports based on city requirements, additional costing may apply.

Does MapleGreen have insurance coverage?

MapleGreen is fully covered by commercial and automotive insurance at all properties, worksites and roadways. MapleGreen is also covered by WSIB insurance for all workers.

What is ISA?

ISA stands for – International Society of Arboriculture. To become ISA certified, an arborist must write and pass an exam proving their tree service knowledge and expertise. To maintain the qualification the arborist must attend workshops where they learn current safety standards and modern techniques in the tree service industry.

Does MapleGreen offer wood chips and wood?

MapleGreen maintains a list of clients across the GTA that request wood chips and unsplit wood. When working in the area MapleGreen will contact clients on the list and offer delivery if convenient for both parties.