Out with Disposable, In with Reusable

An exciting waste-related project has recently been introduced at MapleGreen Tree Services, this being a new plastic waste reduction program. The program was created to lessen the amount of plastic entering waterways annually. Globally, this amount adds up to a total of 8 million tonnes, the equivalent to a garbage truck load of plastic being dumped into the ocean every minute.

To reduce the amount of 250ml plastic bottled water discarded weekly, each crew member received their own designated 1gal refillable beverage jug. The plastic bottles were one of the most frequently found items within the waste bins. On average, each crew member uses and disposes of 3 plastic bottles of water throughout the day. In total, this adds up to roughly 21 bottles each day and 105 disposed of weekly.

It is estimated that 500 billion single-use plastic bottles are consumed annually worldwide. To minimize this extensive quantity of waste, the water jugs will allow employees to continuously refill and use the bottles for an extended amount of time rather than disposing once empty. Also, as the beverage jugs are heavy duty, they will last for many years and withstand the elements of being brought to work sites through all seasons. An added benefit of introducing personalized water jugs includes ensuring employees are hydrated and prepared to tackle the day’s tree work.

Happy, healthy, and hydrated MapleGreen team members are able to provide high quality tree services throughout all seasons, while also being environmentally friendly. Give us a call today to learn more about the services we offer and our sustainability initiatives!

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