Battery Waste Reduction

As MapleGreen strives to become a more environmentally friendly tree services company, the Sustainability Department established yet another new waste reduction initiative.

Two battery collection waste bins were installed at the fleet yard and office locations. This newly added waste stream will ensure that all batteries used by MapleGreen will be properly recycled rather than placed into the garbage stream.

It was noted by Call2Recycle, 3 million kgs of batteries were diverted from landfills in Canada as of 2019. This was a 9% increase since the previous year due to effective battery recycling awareness programs across the country.

To promote awareness of the new waste stream at MapleGreen, all employees received an email highlighting how collection works, acceptable batteries for the program, and an explanation of the benefits of recycling batteries. Educational posters have also been placed in employee gathering areas to further encourage participation in the battery collection program.

Once a month after the batteries have been collected, they will be taken to the local recycling centre to ensure proper disposal.

Initiatives like these keep MapleGreen energized towards providing a high volume of expert tree services with a minimal impact on the environment, a win-win scenario for all stakeholders of the organization.

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