Solar roof

We’ve Got Solar!

We officially have solar power set up in our yard! The road to reaching our solar goals was definitely worth the effort, as we now have a source of endless free power that requires minimal maintenance! Our Solar Vision Our original solar vision was to mount panels on the roof of our storage containers...


Battery Waste Reduction

As MapleGreen strives to become a more environmentally friendly tree services company, the Sustainability Department established yet another new waste reduction initiative. Two battery collection waste bins were installed at the fleet yard and office locations. This newly added waste stream will ensure that all batteries used by MapleGreen will be properly recycled rather...


MapleGreen Sustainability Initiatives: An Introduction

MapleGreen Tree Services strives to be a sustainability leader within the tree service industry. To achieve this, MapleGreen has recently created a Sustainability Department and welcomed Maarika Farmer into the Junior Sustainability Professional role to initiate and manage upcoming sustainability projects. Maarika previously achieved a Double Major in Environment, Sustainability, and Society and International...