Lot Clearing: Reclaim Your Land!

Are you a homeowner or contractor wanting to clear land for a project? Whether it’s a small or large area, you can trust MapleGreen to remove all vegetation with our forestry mulcher, allowing you to move forward with the next step in your project! Lot clearing is the process of removing any and all vegetation from trees to small shrubs in a plot of land undergoing transformation.

Lot clearing is needed to make way for projects such as:

  • Lawn expansion
  • Renovations
  • New construction
  • Creating and maintaining forestry paths

MapleGreen is equipped to clear land by using our very own Bobcat Skidsteer Forestry Mulcher. It can handle any size job in an efficient manner, leaving behind woodchips evenly spread on the ground. If you’re worried about stumps, don’t be! Out stump grinders can remove any tree stumps left behind. This prevents any regrowth and allows construction projects to move forward without the headache of stumps in the way.

Benefits of lot clearing with a forestry mulcher:

  • Efficient and faster approach
  • Smaller carbon footprint and eco-friendly
  • No need to burn any brush or dump in landfills
  • Woodchips left behind provide numerous benefits including preventing weed growth
  • Less lawn impact than heavier machinery

With our top of the line equipment and professional operators, clearing land has become a breeze. Contact MapleGreen now to book a quote for your lot clearing needs!