We’ve Got Solar!

Solar roof

We officially have solar power set up in our yard! The road to reaching our solar goals was
definitely worth the effort, as we now have a source of endless free power that requires minimal

Our Solar Vision

Our original solar vision was to mount panels on the roof of our storage containers as they
receive a great amount of sunlight at our new yard where there is minimal shade. We thought
that this vision would be the most practical as it would not impede on any yard space compared
to installing a ground mount solar system and since we have over 720 square feet of roof space!

The Process

Prior to moving yard locations, we were in communication with a multitude of solar companies
searching for the best solar system for our needs: powering lights, security cameras, small
electronics, vehicles, equipment, battery charging, and engine block heaters.

In total, we need to supply around 16,700 kilowatt-hours (kwh) annually. However, most of the
companies that we consulted with were not able to make our solar vision come true. They
required our system to also be connected to the grid or were very expensive. Our consumption
rates were either too excessive or too minimal for the companies we were in contact with nor
could they fulfill our desire of placing the panels directly on our containers. In the end, we had to
approach our vision in a new way to incorporate solar power.


How We Achieved Our Solar Vision

Our DIY experts at MapleGreen, Kirby and Owen, worked together to research, procure, and
install our solar panel system over the course of 2 weeks, in between tree work and equipment
maintenance. With the guidance of the Mobile Solar Power Made Easy! DIY guidebook and
tutorial videos by William Errol Prowse IV, we realized that installing our own solar system could
be achieved. If you are considering solar power for your workplace or home, we definitely
recommend trying this out yourself!

Our Solar Future

Overall, we installed a 400-watt solar system consisting of four solar panels, with the potential to
expand as the requirements increase. We have 400amp hours of battery storage with 25amps
available for constant output. We have solar charge input monitors and battery output monitors,
so we can see how much solar power we are creating and how much power we are using. For
safety, the system has circuit breakers between major components, all connections were
professionally crimped and covered with heat shrink, and there are various temperature
sensors. We plan to monitor our usage with this system and likely install more panels in the

Seasonal Maintenance

We are making the solar panel mounts adjustable to harness the most sunlight and collect the
most power during the different seasons. After research of the latitude of Toronto and optimal tilt
angles, we determined the best course to generate maximum solar power. In the summer
months, we will lay our panels at an angle of 15 degrees, in spring and autumn at 42 degrees,
and in the winter at 68 degrees. It is important to seasonally adjust as our rate of traditional
electricity consumption fluctuates greatly between summer and winter months; we need all the
power we can get! This simple process will be one of the only things we need to do during the
season to receive the maximum amount of power at no annual cost, year after year!


The benefits of solar power are endless! With the power of the sun we will be able to: power
lights in our shop, use power tools, charge trucks, equipment, and batteries, utilize space and
block heaters in the winter, and much more! We no longer need to rely on the grid which helps
to further reduce our organization’s footprint, and best of all, it’s a cost-effective method! At
MapleGreen aims to not only provide high-quality tree services at competitive prices but also
to become a sustainable corporation that makes a positive impact on the community. We highly
encourage homeowners and other corporations to follow suit and make a change for the better!

panel installation