Is Your Tree A Hazard?

Fallen Tree Maple Green

Did you just move into a new home? Or have you been there for a few years? Maybe you have lived there for many. Regardless of how long you have lived at the residence, assessing the trees on your property is required on a regular basis.

While beautiful large old trees are charm, shade, and much more to your landscape, they can be one of the most hazardous objects on your property.

Some trees have obvious flaws, especially in the summer when dead branches are more noticeable. But other trees can have underlying issues that are visible to the naked eye and require an expert assessment by an arborist.

Hazardous Tree Maple Green

Here are some obvious and not so obvious signs of a hazardous tree that needs further inspection:

  • Dead and barren branches
  • Cracks in the trunk and branches
  • Loss of bark on the tree trunk
  • Loss of leaves early in the fall
  • Tree blooms late and slow in the Spring
  • Presence of rotting wood inside the tree
  • Trees with diseases: this can result in damages that are visible, non-visible or both

It is important to have your trees assessed by a professional arborist on a regular basis to ensure that any hazardous and potentially hazardous trees and branches are identified and dealt with. 

An arborist can help identify issues and help solve them before a larger issue presents itself during extreme weather conditions.

Don’t wait, keep your family and home safe. Contact us now for an assessment by our arborist.

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