Sustainability Boards

Generating Employee Awareness

To promote awareness and transparency of environmental initiatives taking place at MapleGreen, the Sustainability Department has been developing monthly Sustainability Boards since September 2020.

Shifting to Working From Home

As this initiative was established during Covid-19, with most of MapleGreen’s office personnel working from home, the Sustainability Boards were made in the form of digital posters sent to employees via email. The original plan was for the Boards to be displayed throughout the office for employees to view in gathering areas, but this was something that had to be modified during these unprecedented times. Although digital, the Sustainability Boards’ main purpose has been to keep all company employees of all departments in the sustainability loop and offer methods for employees to also engage in such initiatives.

Initiatives Highlighted in the Sustainability Boards

As sustainability initiatives are introduced, the purpose, engagement strategies, status updates, and results are discussed for all initiatives to continue the process of providing full transparency and understanding.

Office & Field Worker Initiatives

Office and Field Worker initiatives are task-specific sustainability programs that involve participation of all employees. These include the following:

  • Practicing proper in-office and at-yard Waste Sorting and Management
  • Building environmental self-awareness through Educational Blogs & Newsletters
  • Adhering to the Employee Sustainability Training Manual
  • Reviewing the Environmental Awareness/Educational Posters
  • Taking part in Rainwater Collection & Repurposing
  • Donating Organic Material (woodchips & logs) to companies and citizens that offer repurposing solutions
  • Planning MapleGreen’s Sustainable Future – Future Goals & Initiatives

Management Initiatives

Management initiatives are widespread, long term projects that will engage and positively affect the whole organization upon completion. These include:

  • Installing Renewable Solar Energy at MapleGreen’s Yard
  • Describing MapleGreen’s Alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Consulting with Local Organizations including GreenBiz Caledon, Partners in Project Green, GreenBiz 21, Just Eat It, Caledon!
  • The procurement of Asset Management Programs
  • Engaging in Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Featured Resources to Promote Learning

A section dedicated to Short & Sweet Sustainability Resources is also included within the delivery of Sustainability Boards. These environmental-based Youtube videos are designed to promote personal and family-friendly awareness of environmental topics. So far, our Short & Sweet Sustainability Resources have featured videos that explain sustainability, the Sustainable Development Goals, employee engagement, energy saving tips, the circular economy, and climate change. Links to MapleGreen’s recently developed blogs are additionally included so readers can familiarize themselves and gain a deeper understanding of the company’s environmental projects and tree service-related information.

This awareness is hoped to spurr inspiration among employees to take environmental action in their personal lives, become more involved in sustainability efforts at work, as well as share with others MapleGreen’s journey to become a more sustainable company.

The Official Sustainability Boards

Each monthly Sustainability Board is available by clicking the links below.







We believe that sustainability is tied to MapleGreen’s overall success. This is in combination with the company’s proven expert tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning, and deep root fertilizing services, across all of Caledon, King, Vaughan, and the GTA.