Why You Should Prune Your Trees In The Winter

Pruning is essential to ensure the health and lifespan of your trees. While tree pruning can be done anytime of the year, winter is the ideal time. Here are some reasons why you should prune your trees during the winter months!

Less Harm

Trees are dormant in the winter months and as such, pruning cuts will have a minimal impact. These pruning cuts will seal over faster in the cold than in warmer weather. This is due to the fact, trees are not actively in their growing phase during this time and have more stored energy. The trees will not lose any valuable energy when compared to being pruned in its blooming phase.

Less Risk of Infection

Just as humans, trees can contract infections and diseases through bacteria, fungi, parasites, and insects. These infection and disease causing agents are typically either dead or dormant in colder weather. Trees are then less likely at risk of contracting infection and diseases when pruned in the winter months.

Safety Precautions & Hazard Reduction

Dead, dying and damaged branches of any size are prone to breakage, no matter what time of year. When the colder weather arrives, it brings increased storms along with higher amounts of wind, snow, ice and freezing rain. These ingredients greatly increase the risk of falling branches on your property. Branches that overhang roofs, driveways, walkways and backyards pose a considerable risk and can create a hazardous zone.

MapleGreen Tree Services can help identify the potential hazardous branches and prune them before they cause any harm. If an entire tree is deemed dead or dying, it can lead to major limbs failing, the trunk snapping in half and even the uprooting of the whole tree from the base. In those cases, the best and safest course of action is to remove the entire tree. Contact us to schedule an assessment of the tree and one of our certified arborist will be able to advise if tree pruning or a tree removal is necessary.

Better Visibility

Leaves can sometimes obstruct any branches that should be pruned. With the foliage lost in the winter, it allows for better visibility during assessments of the tree. It will help identify which branches that need to be pruned.

Less Impact On The Lawn

With the ground being frozen in the winter, this allows for any equipment to travel on your lawn with minimal impact. Annual gardens will be protected and more easily worked around compared to spring and summer months. Large branches can be roped and entire sections of trees can be felled with minimal impact as well.

Winter pruning of trees will not only benefit the tree itself, it can also help prevent a hazardous situation! Contact MapleGreen Tree Services to have your trees inspected and pruned this winter with our Special Winter Discount.

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