Light It Up With Solar & LED Lights

Incorporating outdoor solar and LED lights into your property landscaping or serving as security lighting at your home or office building exceeds the benefits that traditional electric lighting provides. The many perks of solar lighting are explored below.

Cost-Efficient & Convenient

Businesses and individuals can drastically reduce their electricity bill by relying on lighting that gets their charge from the sun. Throughout the day, solar lights recharge using the sun’s rays and use all the energy that was stored earlier that day to power the lights in the evening and overnight. The process repeats each day, resulting in no monthly costs except for purchasing the solar lights. Solar lights also do not require expensive digging, trenching, and wiring to be installed by professionals. Further, the LED light bulbs that often are used in solar lights last longer than traditional halogen bulbs as they are less energy-intensive. Solar lights are very convenient as they are simple and quick to install and require basically no routine maintenance. On a larger scale, when considering solar and LED lighting for commercial buildings, financial incentives are often available to support the initial costs. Upon installation, the financial savings will be noticed, demonstrating how budget-friendly both forms of lights really are.

Safe & Reliable

As MapleGreen crew members begin work each day at 6:30am, the installation of LED and solar lights has been extremely useful in ensuring crew members remain safe during the early hours of the morning before the sun has come up. Many LED light bars and strobe lights have been installed on the trucks, wood chippers, and trailers to help the crews work at all hours of the day. At the fleet yard, the solar lights charge during the days allowing them to illuminate the large area so crew members can safely maneuver equipment in the dark, accurately park and turn vehicles around, load and unload vehicles, and complete routine vehicle safety circle checks. Additionally, having solar lights prevents the risk of experiencing power outages, which are common in rural areas due to heavy wind and snow storms and ample trees near above-ground wires. Solar lights enable our operations to continue year round even with such interruptions occurring.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, as environmental sustainability is increasingly becoming a common feature among business practices, the environmental benefits are yet another purpose for using LED and solar lights. Relying on renewable energy such as solar power, which is one of the most reliable and inexhaustible sources of renewable energy, reduces the dependence on fossil fuel-sourced electricity from the electrical grid. This ultimately helps to reduce MapleGreen’s personal carbon footprint. A step further to support the development of solar power would be to install larger solar panels which have the ability to power more operations above and beyond a few outdoor lights.

For these many reasons, MapleGreen has installed solar lights at our fleet yard, motion sensor solar lights at the office location,  as well as many LED lights on company goods. By adding more light to the high-traffic work areas, vehicles, trailers, and equipment, MapleGreen is able to safely and effectively perform tree work at all times, at all locations, in emergency situations and for regular scheduled maintenance. This assists our highly-trained staff who work tirelessly through all seasons and all hours of operation to service all of our customer’s needs.