Writing Utensil Recycling

Waste reduction at MapleGreen is one of the top priorities for the Sustainability Department. In order to fulfill this goal, we are constantly evaluating the current waste practices at MapleGreen’s main office and fleet yard and searching for opportunities of waste sorting improvement. Similar to our recently introduced battery recycling program, which handles an item that we regularly need to dispose of, plastic writing utensils are another frequently thrown out item.

To prevent used writing utensils from entering landfills, a new waste stream has been established at both workplace locations. Collection bins specifically for used and/or no longer functioning wooden and mechanical pencils, plantic pens, highlighters, markers, and lids of any brand have been set up.

Each bin has signage that clearly describes the acceptable items allowed within the new waste collection stream to ensure employees are aware of how the program works. Employees are welcome to bring their personal finished writing utensils to place into MapleGreen’s collection bin to further ensure correct recycling of such items.

Once the writing utensil collection bins have been filled, they will be taken to our local Staples store as Staples has an ongoing free recycling drive for used writing utensils. Staples has partnered with TerraCycle since 2012 for all of their utensil recycling as TerraCycle is an expert in eliminating landfill waste by recycling products that are traditionally challenging to recycle.

At MapleGreen everything has its place, and we repurpose as much as we can. Brush goes in the wood chipper, is converted to mulch, and donated to tree farms and local residents. Small wood is cut and donated for firewood and large wood is milled for furniture. The same goes for garbage, recycling, hazard goods, plastics, batteries, and stationary items. We believe that the more we do our part in sorting and repurposing byproducts, the less negative impact we have, and the more our community benefits.

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TerraCycle: https://www.terracycle.com/en-CA

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