Energy Reduction Strategies Newsletter

As COVID-19 has required every business and individual around the world to adapt to “new normals” such as spending more time at home, impacts of this include the increase in residential energy consumption and associated bills. During this past year especially, MapleGreen has been actively reducing our environmental impact and energy consumption. While we are outside cleaning up properties from wind and ice storm damage, we encourage our customers and suppliers working from home and at their offices to reduce their energy usage as well, saving the environment and money in the process! Included within this newsletter are some ideas that will help all the above.

The idea behind creating this newsletter stemmed from wanting to spread awareness among MapleGreen’s stakeholders about environmental initiatives that are easily achievable and necessary to integrate into daily habits in order to mitigate climate change. As a result, this informational newsletter offers tips & tricks regarding the most convenient and effective money-saving methods to reduce energy consumption both at the office and at the new home office.

CLICK HERE to view the newsletter and gain knowledge about Energy Reduction Strategies involving the following topics:

  • Your Home’s Energy Envelope
  • Appliances
  • Electronics Maintenance
  • Rethinking Laundry
  • Lighting
  • In the Kitchen
  • Linking Energy Reduction Action & The Sustainable Development Goals

Stay tuned for future newsletters highlighting Waste Management, Water Stewardship, Food Waste, Shopping, and much more!