New Waste Initiative – MapleGreen Tree Services

On top of providing expert tree services across the Greater Toronto Area, MapleGreen has implemented a 7 Green Wastes Audit which has tremendously improved the company’s waste diversion practices. The goal of the audit was to measure current output, develop and implement improvement initiatives, and evaluate results.

Initial Findings

After auditing the garbage generated at our yard, which was determined to be a project with a high impact and immediate results, it was found that a major factor prohibiting proper waste diversion was due to a lack of proper waste bins and waste sorting direction. Until recently, MapleGreen employees were mixing all forms of garbage into the one bin that was available at the yard.

To reduce MapleGreen’s landfill-destined waste, the following initiatives were implemented:

  • Repurpose existing bins at the yard to sort recycling, garbage, hazardous, donatable, and uncertain materials (in varying sizes, shapes, and colours to ensure differentiation)
  • Procure green bin and cigarette disposal units
  • Develop properly labeled and user-friendly waste bin signage (according to the Region of Peel’s waste sorting requirements)
  • Highlight waste bin convenience by placing in popular gathering areas
  • Increase employee awareness and interest to participate in the waste diversion initiative through management’s positive encouragement
  • Identify a “go to” person for all waste sorting questions if required

The week prior to installing these initiatives, MapleGreen was directing 25.5lbs of the waste generated into the local garbage stream. Right before the waste collector arrived, employees were able to quickly sort the waste according to the newly fashioned waste sorting signage. This resulted in diverting 94% of the intended landfill waste into the correct streams, these being recycling (12.5lbs) and hazardous (11.5lbs). Only 1.5lbs of garbage continued to the landfill. What a difference!

The second week proved to only require 10% of the landfill waste to be diverted as the remaining amount of other wastes produced were already placed within the correct waste bins. This was a very satisfying improvement for the Sustainability Department to occur over one weeks time.

Waste Observations

The most frequent waste that was being placed into the wrong bin included:

  • Takeout coffee cups & lids
  • Plastic bottled water
  • Takeout food bags
  • Snack food wrappers
  • Bottles containing oil

Continued waste bin monitoring will occur on a weekly basis for later results to be made available within MapleGreen’s upcoming blogs, social media posts, and will be compiled in the annual Sustainability Report.

*Please be aware of the waste sorting regulations in your area as each city may require different sorting requirements*

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