Cigarette Recycling Program – MapleGreen Tree Services

MapleGreen is quickly becoming a leader in Caledon and across the GTA when it comes to providing exceptional tree services in an increasingly sustainable manner. To do this, MapleGreen is thinking globally and acting locally.

On a worldwide scale, it is estimated that 1.69 billion lbs of cigarette butts become litter annually. In an effort to reduce this, we are officially partnering with TerraCycle’s Cigarette Waste Recycling Program to properly recycle the cigarette waste generated at our fleet yard. TerraCycle is a recycling company that is an expert and global leader in effectively recycling materials that are known to be challenging to recycle. TerraCycle is responsible for taking action to divert millions of pounds of waste from entering landfills and incinerators on a monthly basis.

To participate in the Cigarette Waste Recycling Program, we simply have to:

1) Collect the waste: extinguished cigarettes, filters, rolling paper, inner foil packaging, outer plastic packaging, and ash

2) Place the waste into a secure box

3) Download TerraCycle’s free shipping label

4) Ship once three pounds worth of waste have been collected

5) Repeat!

This program is not only impactful from a recycling viewpoint but also from a charitable one. Each time MapleGreen ships 3 lbs or more of cigarette waste to TerraCycle, $1 per lbs of waste will be donated to a non-profit organization or school of MapleGreen’s choice or from a list of TerraCycle’s highlighted giving-back opportunities.

We are continuously working to identify similar companies that would repurpose common waste associated with the tree services field to further reduce MapleGreen’s contribution to landfill waste and lessen our impacts on the environment.

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*Statistics sourced from TerraCycle.