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How does MapleGreen fertilize trees?

We use a deep root fertilizing machine that applies liquid, slow release fertilizer underneath the ground level into and around the root system of trees.

When is the best time to fertilize trees?

It is common practice to fertilize in the Spring (May-June) to promote new and healthy growth and in the Fall (September-October) to maintain ample nutrients in trees and shrubs during the dormant winter months. It is also beneficial to fertilize newly planted trees and mature trees twice per year to increase the chance of survival.

Are there different forms of fertilizer?

  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Compound
  • Straight
  • Controlled-release
  • Slow-release

Different mixtures depending on what tree:

  • Evergreen mixture: spruce, pine, fir
  • Fruit mixture
  • All trees & shrubs mixture
  • All same times of the year for all trees
  • Doggett fertilizer: compatible with fungicides/pesticides

Where/How to fertilize?

Below grass & soil in circle pattern around base of tree – why?

  • Able to benefit deeper roots
  • Top Dressing– apply to soil surface around plants, avoid leaf contact (RHS)
  • Base Dressing – down into the soil (RHS)
  • Watering – liquid fertilizer onto plant root area, avoid leaf area (RHS)
  • Foliar – apply to plant leaves – emergency direct treatment – underneath/to young leaves – not in bright sunlight (RHS)

Fertilizer Ingredients?

Ratio: N-P-K – indicate the proportions of nutrients in the fertilizer (Bonnie plants)


Promotes plant growth – leafy, vegetative growth, green growth, – without N plants will become yellow (BHG)

Phosphate – Good for root development and flowering (BHG)

Potash (potassium)

  • Essential for water uptake & synthesizing plant sugars for food usage, crop formulation, quality, increases pH, don’t use on plants that prefer acidic soils, do a soil test (Gardening Know How)
  • Good root development, plant stress tolerance, regulate metabolism (BHG)

Benefits/Why Fertilize?

  • Disease & infestation resistance – are there specific fertilizers designed to address specific disease/insects prevention?
  • Aeration of soil & roots – too much water is bad – disperses & aerates compacted soil allowing water & oxygen to reach the roots
  • Healthy, attractive, increased foliage, integrity, stability