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Caledon Stump Removal Services

MapleGreen offers professional stump grinding and stump excavation services.

Stump grinding is the process of removing a tree stump from your lawn using a machine called a stump grinder. This machine is able to grind away the existing stump down to 18in below surface level. Grinding this deep will help to prevent growth from re-sprouting. What is remaining of the stump and tree roots will eventually decompose underground.

The mulch that the stump grinding process produces can be used to fill in the area where the stump previously existed or can be used in garden beds. Backfilling the area with soil or grass seed is also an option. Stump grinding is a cost-friendly alternative to stump excavation.

Stump excavation, typically involved with development projects, incorporates the removal of the stump and root system to ensure that the processes of constructing foundations or re-grading are not interfered with.

There are many reasons MapleGreen recommends removing stumps from your property. These include:

  • Safety:
    • Remaining stumps can pose as a hazard, especially if they are located in places where people or children walk.
  • Insect Infestation:
    • Not only are stumps hazardous, they also can attract insects as the stump decays. To prevent termites, beetles, ants, or other decay-loving insects, it is best to remove the stump.
  • Unwanted Growth:
    • New growth can possibly sprout from the remaining tree stump. These sprouts could lead to the growth of new trees around the stump area if not removed.
  • Machine Damage:
    • Existing stumps even pose as a threat to your lawn mower. If you accidentally run over the stump there is a possibility for destroying your lawn mower, which could be expensive to replace.
  • Appearance:
    • Removing a stump can improve the appearance of your lawn, especially if you are trying to sell your house. Stumps can be replaced with other garden features that will add property value.

Overall, removing stumps through grinding or excavation can prevent insect infestation, undesired growth, injury to people or machinery, while also adding property value. If you are considering stump removal services, contact a certified arborist.

safety, insect infestation, damage, and appearance.

It is best to remove the stump for these reasons.

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