Sustainability Training Manual

Incorporating sustainability into everyday operations is a major venture that MapleGreen is committed to. To do this, we composed an official Sustainability Training Manual for all new recruits and to educate those who are currently employed. As we proceed to become more sustainable, we believe everyone at MapleGreen will play a major role in achieving this.

The Manual covers our current major sustainability projects including:

  • Waste Management
    • Proper Sorting Practices
    • Using MapleGreen’s Waste Sorting Tools
    • Special Collection Programs
  • Water Management
    • Collecting & Repurposing Rain Water
  • Single Use Plastics
    • Reusable Items
  • Organic Material Donation Program
    • Logs & Woodchips
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction
    • Proper Driving Practices
  • Employee Engagement
    • Getting Involved
    • Taking Responsibility
    • Increasing Awareness
    • Sharing With Others
  • Sustainability Reporting
    • Assisting with Data Collection
  • The Sustainable Development Goals
    • MapleGreen’s Material SDGs

The Manual offers readers an in-depth exploration of each sustainability project, highlighting how the projects work, the significant impact that such projects can create, and how individuals can be more involved.

Also, MapleGreen Administration is currently revising our corporate Employee Responsibility and Procedures Documents to ensure that sustainability is integrated into all roles and daily tasks of employees, thus supporting our goal of ensuring that MapleGreen is truly a leading sustainable tree services company.

We believe that the benefits of having a sustainability-informed workforce will extend farther than MapleGreen’s operations, but to each individual’s personal life and communities as well.

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