MapleGreen’s Material Sustainable Development Goals

How We Identified Our Material Goals

The Sustainability Department conducted a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Materiality Assessment to determine which SDGs are directly linked to MapleGreen’s operations and identify those that we plan to support in the future.

The Materiality Assessment process involved ranking, on a scale of 1 to 5, each SDG based on the likelihood that the Goal will impact the business, the severity of the impact from the Goal on the business, and the business’ ability to impact the Goal.

Our Material Goals

Based on discussions with MapleGreen owners and an assessment of the company’s overall processes and operations, the following SDGs are currently aligned to MapleGreen:


Diving Deeper

In the next series of blogs, the ways in which MapleGreen contributes to each aligned Sustainable Development Goal will be explored in depth within their own dedicated blog.

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