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The tree removal process can be dangerous depending on the size and condition of the tree in question and if there are any buildings, vehicles, or populated areas nearby. Prior to completing a DIY tree removal project, consult with MapleGreen first!

There are numerous reasons as to why a tree should be removed. These include:

  • Disease:
    • If a tree is diseased and not treated for infection, the tree’s structural stability will become compromised, thus failing.
  • Decay:
    • Fungal growth at the base of the existing tree could indicate that the tree is rotting internally, which in turn, could attract insects.
    • Trees are able to seal over trunk cracks, however; if the crack is constantly damp, this could lead to rot and decay within the tree, consequently making it structurally unstable. Also, a tree’s trunk strength with the majority of the trunk hollow makes the tree unsafe.
  • Heavy Leans:
    • Trees with heavy leans indicate that the root system is weak. This tree poses as a hazard and should be removed since the tree could topple over unexpectedly.
  • Power Lines:
    • An arborist should assess trees in close proximity to power lines. Depending on the situation, it could be the city’s responsibility to prune or remove these trees.

MapleGreen offers full tree removal services. For each job, we always provide full wood, brush, and debris cleanup once a tree has been removed.

In the case that a tree requires a permit to remove, we can handle all of the necessary documentation for you. This service allows the customer to be less overwhelmed about the tree removal process. We complete tree removal applications, arborist reports, and replanting plans as required by the city. Prerequisites for a tree removal application include specific tree location, size, and condition, however; the specifications of each category differ city by city. Once approved, our certified arborist will remove the tree as safely and efficiently as possible.

Overall, if a tree has the potential to cause damage to people and/or property due to its condition, size, and location, the tree should be removed. It is best to consult an arborist.

Not sure how to go about this process? Just ask MapleGreen to help!

  • Eyesore – open up your property

Leave it to the professionals to determine if your tree is worth pruning/prunable or should be removed.

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