Local Business Material Exchange Program

Participating in GreenBiz Caledon has generated many environmental benefits for MapleGreen. With signing up, we have been granted access to Partners in Project Green’s Material Exchange Program.

The Material Exchange Program is an innovative partnership between local businesses, non-profit organizations, and recyclers in the Greater Toronto Area area working to reduce the amount of waste that traditionally enters landfills. This program additionally creates a space for businesses to connect and support each other and contribute to Caledon’s expanding circular economy.

Businesses that join the program provide information about various products or materials that are generated as a result of the company’s business practices and are deemed unusable or are not needed to support normal practices. The Material Exchange Program assists with finding companies that would repurpose such by-product materials.

For example, being a tree service company, we have an ample supply of wood, mulch, and occasionally stumps that are generated as a result of our tree removal, pruning, brush chipping, and stump grinding services. A portion of the mulch and logs that are generated are repurposed at our yard. We often deliver the majority of the organic log materials to nurseries, homeowners, and hobbyists as they are useful for woodturning, hand carving, furniture making, or similar purposes. However, there are still some organic materials left which tend to pile up.

By engaging with the Material Exchange Program, MapleGreen will be able to fully repurpose all organic material produced among Regions of Peel, York, Durham, and Toronto’s industrial, commercial, and institutional businesses and the non-profit community, which assists with our goal to reduce landfill waste.

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Material Exchange