Free Wood & Wood Chip Mulch

MapleGreen offers free wood & wood chip mulch with free delivery to Caledon, the GTA, Toronto & surrounding areas. The wood we offer varies day to day, cut into varying lengths, depending on the jobs we undertake. All of the mulch is made of natural and organic tree material put through our wood chippers and is great for many landscaping purposes.

Wood & wood chip mulch is delivered by the truckload or trailer-load, approximately 2 tons or 8-10 cubic yards per load. Delivery date and time depends on where our crews are working on a certain day or week. Please send a request by using the form on this page. We will be in contact to confirm delivery when we are working in your area. We do not offer wood or wood chip mulch for pickup. Deliveries are free and non-returnable.

Benefits of wood chip mulch include:

  • Great for trees, gardens, paths & driveways
  • Prevents weed growth
  • Prevents plants from drying out
  • Reduces water usage, keeps soil moist
  • Full of nutrients for soil and roots
  • Stimulates growth of desired plants & trees
  • Safer than chemicals, mulch is non-processed & all natural